25 april 2008: Baila Louca II

justificationits just a vacation

Friday 25th of April 2008

Doors open at 20:30, doors closed at 22:15, entrée 6 €

For the coming Baila Louca evening, entitled JUSTIFICATION, the instigator of it all, Rita Vilhena, is performing an abstract ritual with Henri van Zanten with music “...of Melancholy Burning” concerning the unavoidability of death and the necessity of love for that.

As is the tradition on the Baila Louca evenings, there will be a second
part with improvised dance and music, music by “La Boutique Fantastique”
with the dancers Marek Zawalski, Eleonore Valère and others.

At 22:30 “...of Melancholy Burning” will perform a live concert.

Dancing with Dancers for present audience only till 01:30

See Baila Louca's dance performance of february 2008:


Henri van Zanten