11 - 15 juni 2008: The Heroic, group exhibition

The Piet Zwart Institute presents: "The Heroic"

An exhibition curated by Maxine Kopsa

With works by:

Isa Andreu (ES), Hadar Bernstein(IL), Rachel Carey (USA),
Cornelia Heusser (CH), Aline Keller (CH), Anke Kuipers (NL),
Esperanza Rosales (USA/BZ), David Stamp (UK),
Joshua Thies (USA) and Kathrin Wolkowicz (DE/PL).

OPENING HOURS: 10:00 - 19:00

free entrance

With a special performance by Jeffrey Lewis
Wednesday June 11th 15.00

Opening Reception: Thursday June 12th, 2008 18.00h
Closing Brunch: Sunday June 15th, 2008 12:30h By Invitation only.

I knew of a man that jumped from windows
He shot Argus in his eyes
He shot my horse with his arrows.
We welcomed him with rose parades
And gave him a podium.
He forgot his words and failed his speech
A porcelain statue he's become.
I shook his hand, kissed his feet;
He's a pendant now, buried at sea.
His name misspelled with plastic and pearls
Selling the tale of a mythic deed,
That blinded my horse Argus.

The Heroic Exhibition

Piet Zwart Institute

Esperanza Rosales

Jeffrey Lewis

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