10 - 20 april 2008: Habit(at), group exhibition


Opening: 10 april 19.00, daily times from 13.00 till 19.00, free entrance.

The project is a group exhibition around the different aspects of the concept of ‘Habitat’. That has motivated the artists to work on the idea of the natural home or environment of an organism or a particular type of environment regarded as a home or even a person's usual or preferred surroundings.
The idea is to evoke a deeper exploration of our conscious habitat or the investigation of a greater meaning of the concept.

Giorgos Ioannou has invited 5 artists from around the Globe to work on their own views and approach on the concept of habitat notwithstanding being a part the same habitat, which could signify the Gallery space or even the universe.

participating artists:

Enric FARRÉS (Spain)
Giorgos IOANNOU (Cyprus)
Gabriel PAGONIS (Greece)
Sae INUKAI (Japan)
Joaquin LUZORO (Chile)
Guillaume BARONET (France)
Benjamin MOUNIER (France)

The opening of the exhibition will take place thursday the 10th of april, 19.00

Live Jazz Music & DJ Delicious!

After 23.00 there will be an afterparty at Café de Schouw, 20 mtrs across the street.

DJ's @ Café de Schouw: Hugo&George

Habit(at): 11-20 april daily from 13.00 till 19.00, free entrance.

Habit(at), the website

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